d protectionism, China will simplify procedures for both imports and exports and reduce customs clearance times, make full use  上海会所品茶微信of statistical systems for cross-border e-commerce business and diversify the country’s export destinations. Li said exports of high value-added mechanical and electrical products have maintained 上海会所 strong growth momentum in the first half of this year, boosted by the country’s ongoing industrial upgrading.  上海会所品茶微信Year-on-year exports of portable computers rose by 11.4 percent, electronic passenger ca rs rose by 91.9 percent and solar cells rose by 57.1 percent, according to customs officials, as Chinese enterprises sought to tap more markets beyond traditional trade hubs such as the UnitedRead More →

The foreign secretary, Hunt, has proposed reducing the rate of corporation tax paid b 上海会所y companies to 12.5 percent, matching the rate in Ireland among the lowest of any major economy. The institute disputed the claims of some low-tax advocates that the policy would pay for itself by d riving up company investment and encouraging overseas companies to locate in Britain.上海会所 More than 1,000 items of military equipment including some of the most advanced weapons and concepts are being exhibited at the Army-2019 Military an d Technical Forum this week in Kubinka, Russia, a city about 60 kilometers west of Moscow.上海会所品茶微信 More than 1,500 enterprisesRead More →

d Road Initiati上海会所品茶微信ve to Africa, he said, adding that both partners should respect market pri nciples and ensure economic and social benefits to improve the continent’s capacity for sustainable development. Wang said more than 880 cooperation projects will be carried out in the next three years. In a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, Vice-Minister of Com merce Qian Keming said that in their next step, China and Africa will carry out capacity-buil ding cooperation and promote infrastructure, trade and investment cooperation. China will increase imports fro m Africa to ensure the continent shares in the huge Chinese market, he added. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni saidRead More →

Beijing said on Mo上海会所品茶微信nday it will continue to investigate thoro ughly and carefully the collision of Chinese and Filipino boats in the South China Sea, and handle the incident properly with Ma nila based on facts and in a cooperative and friendly manner. A Chinese fishing boat and a Filipino fishing boat collided accident ally in the waters near Liyuetan in the South China Sea early Monday morning, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said. Extending China’s condolences to the Filipino fishermen who expe rienced the collision, Lu emphasized the collision wa s an accident, and said China and the Philippines have communicated several times overRead More →

hina Petrole上海会所品茶微信um and Chemical Corp, the world’s larg est refiner by volume, has agreed to establish a joint venture with Russia’s Novatek and Gazp rombank to market natural and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in China, Sinopec said on Thursday. The agreement, which aims to sell LNG produced by Novatek in the Arctic, was signed fo llowing talks in Moscow between Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and Chinese President, Xi Jinping. The agreement will be of considerable economic and social benefit an d will further diversify China’s natural gas imports, while meeting ever-increasing ga s demand in the country, said Dai Houliang, China Petrochemical Corp president. www.aaart.org.cnRead More →

上海会所品茶微信Premier Li Keqiang called for greater strides in reform and opening-up to stimulate market vitality and to tra nsform and upgrade economic structure in revitalizing the rust belt in Northeast China. Li’s remarks came as he presided over a State Council meeti ng on Thursday on revitalizing the country’s traditional industrial bases. He underscored the importance of transforming government functions a nd bettering the business environment, and urged government departments to offer m ore support to provinces in the Northeast in streamlining administration. The tax cuts and fee reduction policies must be implemented in full, and the country w ill make the region a priorityRead More →

success of winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2012, Zhang Qinghua, professor at Beijing Normal University, believes that Mo’s way of dealing with this h as been to make a return to his hometown, a village in Gaomi, Shandong province, both in reality and spiritually. Mo didn’t publish any new work in the five years following the award, when in 2017 he released several short stories, poems and theater works, mainly reminiscing about his hometown. Unlike Mo’s former novels, Peking University professor Chen Xiaoming notes th at his new works are more reserved, realistic stylistically and employ more simple language. Literary cri tic LiRead More →

na, and the one-China principle is the foundation of China-US relations and an international consensus,” Shao said. “The US side has conducted a series of negative rhetoric and actions regarding the Taiwan questi on, violated the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiques,” he said. “This has undermined China’s sovereignty and security, sent a seriously wrong message to Taiwan secessionists, and disrupted regional peace and stability,” Shao said, adding that China must, and will be, reunified. “If anyone tries to separate Taiwan from the mainlan d, the Chinese military will adamantly protect its territorial integrity at all costs,” he said. As for the SouthRead More →

al modernization and ensure that both urban and rural residents enjoy equal public services. By the middle of this century, digital villages will be completely built nationwide to advance rural revitalization. To fulfill such targets, the country will accelerate the constructi on of IT infrastructures in rural areas, upgrading rural internet facilities and information services. More efforts will be made to boost the rural digital economy, with wider use of digital techno logies in agriculture and the development of e-commerce and various emerging creative industries in rural regions. While providing more support for rural technological innovation, the co untry will strengthen ecological protection in ruralRead More →

ospital was ordered to solve management problems relating to the case, check on the condition of the surviving babies and console the parents. A deputy director of the health bureau of the Shunde district of Fo shan, Guangdong, was also fired, and others deemed responsible were punished. No new case has been reported in the hospitals that have treated the affected babies. The provincial health commission has ordered all the medical institutions in the province to check their infection-control procedures. The viral strain that affected the infants was identified by the commission as Echo 11. It is an intestinal virus to which chi ldren, especiallyRead More →