Eight life-size Terracotta Warriors from China are among the works sho wn as part of a rare exhibition being hosted by the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. The exhibition, Terracotta Warriors: Guardians of Immortality/Cai Guo-Qiang: The Transient Landscape, runs from May 24 to Oct 13. It offers a new perspective on China’s traditional culture with more than 160 exhibits on show, including the Qin emperor’s Terracotta Warriors, which were discovered in 1974 in China’s nor thwestern Shaanxi province, and are widely described as one of the wonders of the world. The exhibition features eight warriors and two life-size horses from the im perial army, asRead More →

ss to US suppliers “will do significant economic harm to the US companies” and affect “tens of thousands of US jobs”. In total, US firm s sold an estimated $11 billion worth of components to Huawei last year, according to earlier media reports. “I’m not able to tell you exactly what the costs will be; it differs from company to company,” said Allen. “But clearly, from a corporate perspective, this Department of Commerce action has created costs and has escalated the uncertainty quite a bit.” Asked to comment on some voices in the US calling for the “decoupling” of the two countries, especially in theRead More →

form and opening-up drive, and said the country’s success has not only brought changes to itself, but als o has profound and positive influence on the world. Vanuatu firmly honors the one-China policy and supports the Chinese government in its efforts to realize peaceful national reunification, he added. oreign investors may get access to more onshore commodity contracts  China will give foreign investors more access to its commodity futures market as part of it s continuing efforts to strengthen the real economy, the top securities regulator said on Tuesday. The move will benefit both overseas and domestic market participants, and the opening-up of the stockRead More →

onomy is accelerating restructuring reform and shifting from an export-dominated growth model to a more services-driven model, they added. “The United States escalated trade tensions, but it cannot solve any problem. This causes volatility and sluggishness in global financial markets an d hurts the global economy,” said Guo Shuqing, the People’s Bank of China’s Party secretary and also head of the China Banking and In surance Regulatory Commission. His keynote speech was delivered by a commission spokesman at a forum on Saturday. Impact on the Chinese economy will be very limited, said Guo. “Chinese fi nancial markets, although they were excessively affected by trade tensionsRead More →

nal savings rate and has to be compensated by other countries’ national savings, which in tu rn adds to the trade deficit. On the other hand, China’s efficiency in the manufacturing industry makes it a lar ge exporter of manufactured goods to the US and helps it sustain its high savings rate. A high growth rate means higher trade deficit for US Given that the US economy is driven by domestic demand, consumpt ion in particular, instead of exports, a high rate of ec onomic growth will widen the trade deficit, as it would have to import more products than it exports. In such aRead More →

 A shares, in the final step as part of the November 2019 Semi-Annual Index Review, according to the report. About 109 companies will be added and three removed from the MSCI China A Onshore Index, whic h will take place as of the close of May 28, and the three largest additions to this index would be the Wens Foodstuff Group A, Contemporary A and Shenzhen Mindray A, the MSCI said. In addition, the MSCI China A Onshore Small Cap Index will see 503 stocks added and 49 cut, with most of the new addi tions coming from newly eligible ChiNext stocks, according to anRead More →

asures as reducing the rate of the value-added tax, increasing the tax exemption for research costs and reforming individual income tax. The measures should not only ease the tax burden for manufacturing com panies but also reduce taxes for construction enterprises, which provide a great num ber of jobs, Li said, adding that all industries should be covered by the benefits of tax cuts. Li pledged more efforts to urge government departments and State-owned e nterprises to pay off their debts so that the effects of tax reduction are not diminished. The government will take further measures to deepen reform and opening-up, en courage innovationRead More →

ct “regular sales” of “defense articles” to Taiwan and back its participation in international organizations. “We urge the US side to keep its promise, abide by the one-­China policy a nd the three joint communiques, and block the bill’s progress,” Geng said. He urged the US to “appropriately handle the Taiwan question to avoid serious da mage to Sino-US cooperation in key areas, and the peace and security of the region”. Experts said the bill will further damage Sino-US relations, and the confr ontational approach taken by the US against China will damage regional peace and security. Yuan Zheng, director of US foreign relations researchRead More →

rcrowding and rampant construction plaguing cities, and the development of cities will also offer unique ways to bring about rural revitalization,” Chen said. “As restrictions on hukou will gradually be removed, cities need to be well-prepared to offer accommodation and employment opportunities, and allow children of migrant workers to have equal access to education,” Chen added. China has made steady progress in urbanization, as the ranks of permanent urban r esidents stood at 831 million at the end of 2018, up 17.9 million from the previous year, said the National Bureau of Statistics. Last month, the National Development and Reform Commission said it plans toRead More →

rch and field development resources to expand in the Chinese market over the coming years, he said. Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said last month that the t wo countries’ negotiating teams are hashing out the text of a deal, including an enfo rcement mechanism, based on mutual respect and benefit. Both countries, the world’s two biggest eco nomies, have been intensifying their consultations and aiming to break the deadlock in a timely manner. In the ninth round of trade consultations, negotiators discussed tec hnology transfers, protection of intellectual property rights, non-tariff measures, the servi ce sector, agriculture, trade imbalances and enforcement mechanisms. TradeRead More →