minister has participated in the event.Building a community with a shared future for mankind is the right path forward and the trend of the times amid growing uncertainty and instability around the world, he said. “No approaches to regional issues should resort to military blocs, nor should they undermine the interests of others,” Wei said. He called out the United States for its military support to Taiwan and naval operations in the South China Sea, saying they have undermined China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity. China resolutely follows the path of peaceful development and this commitment is en shrined in the constitutions of both theRead More →

Candidates bidding to replace Theresa May as Britain’s prime minister and the leader of its ruling Conservative Party are vying to separate themselves from the pack in a crowded leadership race that had, as of Monday, attracted 13 competitors and much criticism. Leadership battles typically attract a handful of hopefuls but this is the largest in Conservative Party history. The BBC said on Monday the overcrowded race had led so me senior members of the Conservative Party, including Housing Minister James Bro kenshire, to urge fringe candidates to pull out in order to save time and leave the waters less muddied. www.zaojiaowg.comRead More →

It is important that we come to an agreement over time that addresses the problems that we have identified. And the sooner the better,” Allen said. He said the council had opposed the use of tariffs from the very beginning and hop ed a “mutually acceptable and supportive” agreement could be reached in the near term. “But, currently, we are moving away from that agreement. We want to get back to moving toward a n agreement so that our two economies can begin to interact with each other in a more normal manner,” he said. Allen, who was in Lexington, Kentucky, last week for theRead More →

 maintain its monetary hegemony and thus ensure its financial sector offers higher pay and retur n on investment compared with the real economy sectors, which helps it to maintain its advantage in at tracting talents and capital. This in turn prompts the authorities to introduce more favorable policies and regulations for the enterprises based in the US, which is essentially a combination of representative democracy and market eco nomy. Under such circumstances, how can the US promote sustainable reindustrialization? Besides, reindustrialization is not possible without rebuilding or strengthening infrastructure facilities. And although the US leader has been claiming to implement a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan-and evenRead More →

Asian countries, citing the Philippines’ compadrazgo and Indonesia’s bapakism as examples. Compadrazgo, a Spanish word that literally translates to “co-fatherhood”, is based on a kinship ritual that is formed after a child gets baptized into the Roman Catholic faith. For the predominantly Catholic and close-knit Philippine society, t he godfather (known as the padrino) is part of one’s extended family and is expected to he lp and protect his godchild. The godchild is expected to respect and be loyal to the padrino. Bapakism is derived from the Indonesian word for “father”. When us ed in Indonesian business, bapakism demands great respect and obedience to one’sRead More →

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sustained sense of security, Xi said.Beijing blasts US Congress for Taiwan defense bill Xi called for reforms in public security work and said big data should be used as a major engine to promote innovation in the sector. More measures for higher-quality services should be implemented to give the public a substantial sense of fulfillment, he added. While demanding that high discipline be exercised within the public security forc es, Xi said there will be zero tolerance for violations of laws and Party discipline. He also urged Party committees at all levels to suppo Beijing resolutely opposes the United States House of Representatives for passingRead More →

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn on being crowned officially on Saturday. On behalf of the Chinese government and people, and in his own name, Xi express ed in a message sincere congratulations and good wishes to the king and the Thai people. The king is an old friend of the Chinese people and has been attending to and supp orting the cause of friendship between the two countries for long, Xi said in the message. “I attach great importance to the development of China-Thailand rel ations and stand ready to make joint efforts with you to carry forward the traditional CRead More →

 interest in philosophy, history, literature, culture, music and sports, and that he first cul tivated many of these interests back in middle school and they have stayed with him ever since. His job is serving the people, and he works hard with a busy schedule, but takes great pleasure in his work, Xi wrote. The Niles North students also inquired whether Xi likes the US. Xi answered in the letter that he has visited their country many times and is impressed with the “beautiful landscape, hos pitable people and diverse culture”, and he made a lot of friends, including some young people. He said theRead More →

the Cinnamon Grand, Shangri-La and Kingsbury hotels in the capital, which occurred following the church blasts. 2 more explosions hit Sri Lanka A Sri Lankan military spokesman has confirmed two more explosions just outsi de the capital, hours after six nearly simultaneous blasts rocked churches and luxury hotels. The spokesman, Brig. Atapattu, says a 7th blast occurred at a guestho use in Dehiwala, killing at least two people. Atapattu says an 8th blast occurred in Dem atagoda on the outskirts of Colombo. He did not have details on the Dematagoda blast. 7 suspects have been arrested State Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardene says seven suspects haveRead More →