gates more authority to a manufacturer’s employees when certifying the safety of Airbus. Elwell said the FAA conducts strict oversight of all manufacturers. Senator Ed Markey demanded a “yes” or “no” answer from Elwell on whether two safety options that airlines could decline to bu y should have been mandatory on the Max aircraft. Elwell declined to answer with a single word. Some airlines chose to purchase the “angle of attack” system display for readi ngs of two sensors and a “disagree light” to be activated if the sensors produce conflictin g readings while others did not. Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air reportedly declined toRead More →

sia and Ethiopian planes has not been released, but analysts say the pilots may not have known h ow to turn off the anti-stall device after it pointed the nose of the plane down, and that may have been a factor in the crashes. On Wednesday, Mike Sinnett, Boeing’s vice-president, said he doesn’t see the need to overhaul its development of aircraft. He c alled the new Max software “more robust” but also said the upgrade does not mean the original design was inadequate. The upgraded MCAS will be activated by input from two sensors rather than one. The system’s power will be limited soRead More →

domestically rated “AAA”, the safest level. The sale to individual investors is mainly of project-link ed special-purpose bonds, a type of local government bond vigorously promoted by the government in re cent years. The cash flows generated from the underlying projects will be used as the primary repayment sources. In China, there are two types of local government bonds: general bonds and special purpose bonds. According to the country’s 2019 budget repor t, which was approved by the top legislature earlier this month, the budgeted deficit for local governments is 930 billion yuan, up 100 billi on yuan compared with 2018, and this fund gapRead More →

a different pair of shoes for the surface. I was overwhelmed, in an embarrassing way.” Li played the final match of her stellar career at Wimbledon 2014 before retiring due to a chronic knee injury two months later. Now enjoying life as a housewife and businesswoman, the two-time Grand Slam singles champion spares no effort to en sure that China’s new generation of players are better prepared than she was for life as a pro. Her passion for the sport remains undiminished and shone through at Tuesday’s event at Beijing’s 1123 Junior Tennis Academy, where the 37-year-old hit shots with some young hopefuls and sharedRead More →

A group of scientists in Gansu province have discovered a fossilized b ird dating back about 110 million years and the first ever to have an unlaid egg in its abdomen. The fossil represents a new species, Avimaia schweitzerae, belonging to a group called the Enantiornithes, which was a bundant around the world and coexisted with dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period. The well preserved fossil was discovered in the city of Yumen. Because the specimen was crushed flat, it was only after a small fragment was extracted and analyzed under a micro scope that the research team at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute ofRead More →

gmatism over its decision of endorsing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), saying Xi and Mattarella agreed that China and Italy, which are at the two ends of the ancient Silk Road, are natural partners in constructing the Belt and Road. Conte, according to Wang, said the BRI will bring great opportunities to Italy. He also agre ed to attend the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation to be held in Beijing next month. France is one of the earliest European countries that have expressed the willingness to take pa rt in the BRI cooperation. During Xi’s visit to France, the two countriesRead More →

came to Europe again in his first overseas trip this year, manifesting the great importance China attaches to Europe, Wang said. In a world of unprecedented transformations, Xi noted that a stable, strategic and reciprocal China-EU relationship is urgently needed. Wang said during his visit, Xi had in-depth communication with the European leaders to discuss cooperation in internation al issues and reached important consensus of adhering to multilateralism, and discarding isolationism and unilateral moves. He also said Xi and the European leaders agreed to enhance coordination and cooperation wit hin the UN system, give full play to the constructive role of global and regional multilateralRead More →

cles are starting to gain momentum in the private market. With the overall vehicle market remaini ng flat, sales of new energy vehicles last year reached 1.25 million, up 61.7 percent year-on-year, and the figure is expected to reach 1.6 million this year according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. China plans to stop subsidies on new energy cars by the end of 2020. To ensure a smooth transi tion, the government decides to achieve this goal by enacting policy in several phases. This year’s subs idy standard was slashed 50 percent on average from 2018, Xinhua reported, citing a person with knowledge ofRead More →

LONDON – British lawmakers seized a measure of control over the stalled Brexit process from Prime Minister Theresa May‘s foundering governmeng up a seri es of votes that could dramatically alter the course of the UK’s departure from the European Union. The move came after May conceded that Parliament would defeat her twice-rejected divorce deal with the EU again if she put it to a third vote. With Brexit delayed and the new departure date up in the air, the House of Commons v oted to give itself temporary control of the parliamentary timetable starting on Wednesday so lawmakers can vote o n alternatives toRead More →

 minister’s post as the price of winning support for the deal. At a meeting Sunday at the prime minister’s country retreat, Chequers, prominent Brexiteers told May they might back the deal — if she agreed to step d own so a new leader could take charge of the next phase of negotiations, which will settle Britain’s future relations with the EU. Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who attended the meeting and is likely to be a conten der in any future Conservative leadership race, accused the government of lacking “gumption” and chickening out on delivering Brexit. Britaina’s best-selling newspaper, The Sun, put a call onRead More →