On January 29, the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television site updated for exami nation and approval of the domestic online games in January 2019, information technology, the new 95 game fo r plate number, declare classes are mobile games, examination and approval for January 22. This is 2018 month since December game plate number restart issuing, announced the fifth batch plate number.Tencent’s recreational little game among romantic ambiance, previously, tencent has, on the fou rth batch plate number list functionality game, “fan” and “joggle bases and plate number. But all three of approved game tencent’s contribution to the revenue isRead More →

  Entertainment has been circulating a saying, that is auto put words to kill the moon, and even many stars together to resi st the moon.But how the moon sinned against Jackie chan?Actually chan moon offended more than 20 years b ecause of one thing, however, then the woman face to face apology was Jackie chan to forgive.   Jackie chan and moon had a cooperation, when two people shooting the mo vie “blue fire”, although this awareness is not high, but the moon is har d to offend the Jackie chan, Jackie chan also openly even said to kill the moon, he also to the associationRead More →

Recently, strategic research institute of finance and economics at the Chinese acade my of social sciences joint laboratory housing big data project team, housing data released in January 2019, the development of Chinese housing market mon thly analysis report.Report says, falling home prices slowing, clinch a deal the key cities c ontinue to rebound, at the same time, the report suggests, , according to a report in December 2018 the national house prices slowing in the rate, re duce fall city, drop in house prices stable overall implementation.Among them, the first and second tier cities fall in house prices significantly slow speed, prices fell slightlyRead More →

  Tencent sports inquiry Beijing time on 27 January, a net friend in a social platf orm drying out a piece of Chinese men’s baske tball team players TaoHanLin members of the Olympic women’s volleyball championship in 2016 an d Rio Yang Fang xu sweet pictures of shopping, two people love followed exposure.   News, then cause the attention of the fans and c omments: a net to go forward 2017 friends said “the box (nickname) Ya ng Fang xu change hair style, more good-looking, blessing!”Another netizen “make to make to David,” said “two add up to 4 metres athletes to fall in love, it heads inRead More →

Tencent sports – on January 27th According to the German transfer network’s administrator asaikana liao foo t forward Feng Boyuan will join in jiangsu su ning.It is worth mentioning that Feng Boyuan once Croatia league a broad, club, is the first in Croatia league abroad Chinese players, and appearance record. Feng Boyuan was born in 1995, served in the li ao, equally field as a center, in liao foot few appearance record.At the end of 20 17, Croatia’s serie a teams joining on loan Feng Boyuan, lu.He became the first Chinese player to g league. In shandong, home 1-0 victory over east la, playing inRead More →

Local time Friday (25), the United States a biometric system, an assistant professor at duke university Megan Neely (M egan Neely) send an email to all department student because of racial discrimination caused concern. Mail, said there were two staff to find her, respectively, said they see two Ch inese students in teaching “loudly speak Chinese”, want to know their names, but refused to the two students in ternship or project application.Disappointed megan said, the two members of the faculty, the students di dn’t grasp the opportunity to try to improve my English, they completely in th e aisles with others don’t understand the languageRead More →

Overseas network January 27 (north American aerospace defense command (NORAD) 27 public affairs, said on Saturday (26) Russia’s strategic bombers flying over the arctic ocean cause tension in NORAD, according to the established training so that the us and Canada combined five aircraft scrambled. The xinhua news agency data figure According to itar-tass reported that on January 26, north American aerospace de fense command confirmed that the two Russian figure 160 strategic bombers into C anada area air defense recognition, but not at the stage of international airspace in Canada airspace.Then, the north A merican aerospace defense command sent a E – 3 planes, theRead More →

  Large filial generation with reality TV variety show “best years”, since before the show when it comes to the original e first time in 24 years fulfill a woman’s love story” is really touched countless people they love.   Model of Taiwan actress bea Hayden because in the small times series of films, pla y the role of “southern hunan” and have my moment in China’s interior, film, directed by guo jingming, bea H ayden and Yang mi, guo jie, xie in accordance with the lam artists.Is set in Shanghai, about four strong feelings as a ch ild, have different values and outlook on life ofRead More →

Witnesses ms zhang told the Beijing youth daily reporter at the time she is wan da plaza restaurant for dinner, about 3 PM 10 points or so, heard a tremendous explosion all of a sudden,“Fry for more than twenty, let everybody evacuated, st ore the radio said at all we just ran out”。Ms zhang said the evacuation, there are splashed with Mars next to her, but what is the exact explosion, temporary not clear if there were any casualties. Another eyewitness said the position of the underground garage are explosions. , according to the north green reported January 25 at 4 PM, the reporter learnsRead More →

  On January 25th morning, a public source says shenzhen lotus park near kite square as the murder of litchi Lin, a young woman in a litchi tree hanged, for unknown reasons.The reporter understands, the dead wearing a white coa t and black pants.Mr Fukuda police confirmed the woman out of homicide, the reason is still under further investigation.   It is reported that on January 25, 2019, 8 a.m., shenzhen litchi Lin near the lotu s park, a young woman hanged, the police are the field forensics, and pull up the warning line.Residents found the po lice at the scene when morning exercise, according to peopleRead More →