”The people that are making those threats, I’m guessing, are the ones that killed my son. They may feel like we’re talking about this too much,” says Pricil.   Her two other sons, Sins Dmitri and Jovency agree.   ”But we’ll never give up,” says Dmitri.   An earthquake in 2010 and successive hurricanes have destroyed much of Haiti’s infrastructure that hadn’t already collapsed under corruption and government mismanagement.   Haiti protesters take the day to gather food and water as they prepare for more possible conflict   Haiti protesters take the day to gather food and water as they prepare for more possible conflict   Rage at life stripped ofRead More →

  Chinese tech giant Huawei is facing a new attack as it tries to persuade the UK government to let it help build super-fast 5G networks in the country.   Top British cybersecurity officials are reportedly confident they can manage any risks from Huawei’s telecommunic ations equipment, but a report published Wednesday by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a top security think tank, said that would be a mistake.   ”Allowing Huawei’s participation is at best naive, at worst irresponsible,” the report said, sugg esting such a move could compromise the United Kingdom’s communications infrastructure.   UK spies think they can handle Huawei in 5G networks. The USRead More →

The second summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong -un in Hanoi on February 27 and 28 will trigger complicated changes in East Asia’s poli tics. Though the effect on US-Japan relations will be limited, North Korea-Japan ties will move in a positive direction. Currently, Pyongyang demands withdrawal of sanctions, signing a peace treaty, an end-of-war declaration, and a security guarantee f or North Korea. Washington had asked Pyongyang to undertake complete, verifiable and irrev ersible denuclearization, which might be now relaxed. The US may agree that North Korea fulfill it in stages. Befo re any progress in denuclearization, theRead More →

In September 2015, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma Yun started a program to sponsor rural teac hers. His Jack Ma Foundation then launched a Rural Teacher Award to honor the 100 top tea chers around China each year and offer each of them 100,000 yuan ($15,000) and professional training for three years. In order to attend the ceremony in Hainan on January 13, Thubten Gyatso had to leave Moding vill age on January 10, ride a mule to Xulong county, and walk for two hours to Simaoding in Yu nnan Province. From there, he took a bus to Shangri-La county and flew to Sanya, aRead More →

China’s sci-fi blockbuster The Wandering Earth broke Chinese film’s five-year box office record on th e North American market. Based on the novel by Liu Cixin, the movie is said to usher in China’s sci-fi blockbuster era. Does this film resonate simply because it is a good sci-fi film made by Chinese? Of course not. It is mainly because the story reflects the co mmon concern of people of different color, belief and nationality in the world. That is: the fate of the Earth. We share a common destiny because we are living in the same global village. The movie has struck a responsive chordRead More →

litical and diplomatic means alone cannot support Japan’s global ambitions. A military presence at the global level is needed if Japan is to expand its political clout. Compared with old European powers like the UK and France, Japan’s military influence in Europe is jerkwater. But it is different after Japan signed military pa cts with these countries – Japan’s political influence is increasing because of the support of military powers. With the influence of the UK and France declining in the Asia-Pacific region, their military activities can get the support from Japan via the ACSA, which will immensely boost Japan’s military clout. These European countriesRead More →

The police department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) set up the Sina Weibo account Hong Kong Police on Jan 29, which was welcomed by a large number of netizens. The official account so far boasts more than 140,000 fans, with some posts receiving more than 10,000 comments. The account Hong Kong Police focuses mainly on practical information like crime prevention and event ar rangements, such as the Lunar New Year fireworks display and traffic control measures during the celebration parade. The latest data from the Hong Kong Tourism Board shows that among the 58 million visitors to H ong Kong in the first 11 months ofRead More →

ai Xiaomin, former China Huarong Asset Management board chairman, has been charged with bribery, corruption and bigamy, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate said on Friday. China Huarong is one of the country’s four largest State-own asset management companies. It is alleged that Lai exploited various professional positions, including head of the Huarong corporation and director-general of the banking supervision department of the People’s Bank of China. While in these positions, it is claimed that he asked for and received significant benefits in exc hange for “aid”, according to a press release from the SPP, the country’s top prosecuting authority. It also alleged that Lai was inRead More →

Mount Qomolangma National Nature Reserve in China’s Tibet Autonomous Region has ban ned ordinary tourists from entering its core zone to better conserve the environment of the world’s highest mountain. But for travelers who have a climbing permit, the mountai neering activities will not be affected, according to the reserve which was set up in 1988. Covering an area of around 33,800 square km including a 10,312-square km co re zone, the reserve is home to one of the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems. Recently, a report went viral online claiming the Qo molangma base camp was “permanently closed due to heavy pollution.” But local authoritiesRead More →

sooner or later, and guide commercial banks to lower lending rates closer to a market-determined level, Sun said. “Theoretically, there is room for rate cuts of 1 percentage point,” said Zhang Tao, a n analyst in the financial market department of China Construction Bank. China has enacted both monetary and fiscal policies to offset downward pressure on eco nomic growth this year. Some economists have predicted the growth rate may slip in the first quarter be low the 6.4 percent of the past three months of 2018 because of factors such as trade tensions. US Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell decided on Jan 30 toRead More →